Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighters First Impressions and Review

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighters First Impressions and Review

First Impression

Rhianna’s new makeup collection Fenty Beauty is all the craze. Everyone wants a piece of it and her release was more than I expected. She came out with foundations, contour sticks, highlighters, brushes and so much more. However out of the entire collection, the Killawatt Highlighters stood out to me the most. At first sight, the highlighters sparkle like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and the most radiant and extraordinary highlighter was of course Trophy Wife. This formula was made to be applied freely anywhere in the skin.  It’s genius! It’s a whole new way of looking at makeup.

The new Killawatt highlighters collection has 2 full highlighters and 4 of the duos. Went I went to Sephora to pick new items I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her collection looked. I honestly felt intimidated to touch anything, because Rhianna is like a Queen. After purchasing the new highlighters tried them on and Oh My Gosh! They looked so bright and pretty. It made my skin look ethereal, and the shine reminded me of fairy dust. If you’re like me and love glitter and will find any excuse to put glitter on your body this stuff is for you.



Both Killawatt highlighters come in a white iridescent octagon compact. The compact comes with a mirror that displays the brand name. Each highlighter costs $34, which is a little pricy but it’s so worth it. It comes with about 8 grams of product and I think its enough to last at the least half a year if not longer.


The Killawatt Highlighters has a comfortable creamy formula. The great thing about this formula is that I’m able to put it in my eyes to emphasize my eyeshadow, or to add some gold glitter on a red lip. It’s a multipurpose formula that gives you the freedom to allow you to work with it however you please. I recommend taking these highlighters when you travel. It’s so convenient to take with you because it can help reduce the amount of makeup you can take on a trip. When you apply the highlighter, it’s just like BAM! Its very pigmented and in specific Trophy Wife has a glittery effect but it’s not grainy at all. I did notice that the glitter does sparse apart when you apply Trophy Wife, nonetheless it gorgeous and it’s unique. The Killawatt duos come with a subtle and a glittery shade made for both a minimal and over the top look.


I’m over the moon and I hope you guys are too when you buy these products. It’s all worth the money. I don’t feel any regret buying these in fact it felt like it was a good splurge.


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