My little Pony Palette by Colourpop Cosmetics Review

My little Pony Palette by Colourpop Cosmetics Review

This was the first time I ordered a palette from Colourpop. I was so excited when I saw that Colourpop was collaborating with My Little Pony in specific, the original vintage ponies from the 90s are the cutest thing in the world. The nostalgia hit me and I thought it was a good time to try out their makeup with the my little pony palette.



The adorable my little pony palette comes decked out with little ponies designed all over it. It’s pony heaven! The color that they focused throughout their entire My little pony collection was a beautiful lilac purple. I remembered the 90s as a child when I used to play with these characters. Ah, the memories. The uni-carton has an adorable pattern of ponies and the palette as well but will a bit of holographic goodness, so pretty. You receive 12 colors for $16.00, it’s a lot cheaper than other palettes. I also heard a lot of good things about the popular Colourpop cosmetics so I thought it would be a good purchase. Yes, Colourpop didn’t fail me! I’m a happy customer.



The palette comes in 3 different finishes of Matte, Metallic, and Satin colors. It has a mixture of warm, cool, and neutral colors. It’s perfect for many different types of eye looks. I love when a palette gives the essentials like a brow bone color and a black. If you need to smoke out an eye look to look sultrier its already given in this palette. All the colors were easy to work with, there were very little to no problems blending. I know that Colourpop makes their cosmetics by hand and I respect hand crafting to the highest degree. Even though most colors on the my little pony palette are bright they are a bit toned down so I think anyone can create their own everyday look with this palette. It’s vibrant and colorful so I definitely see myself wearing this during the holidays and maybe when I’m feeling like a bright look will fit my mood. I think that colorful palettes are actually trending and I think we might keep seeing them more often especially during the holiday seasons. The my little pony palette is an exciting palette that is different from any other that I’ve seen lately. I really enjoy a good palette that is put together with many different types of color patterns in order to help me find new ways to create new looks, and this one did it for me.



It’s adorable and usable for any look whether its dressed up or down. I was worried the colors would be too outrageous for me to handle since I go for a more natural look but it’s a really good palette for beginners who haven’t tapped into that many colors. Its bright but usable colors match all skin tones well and yes, I recommend it for everyone. If you are going to get this palette just know that it is limited edition and all the other products that come with it are just really beautiful. They also sell the entire collection for $110.00, and also for all the pony fanatics this is perfect to add to your collections.


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