Product Review: SkinFood Strawberry Mask Wash Off

Product Review: SkinFood Strawberry Mask Wash Off

Where to Buy: StyleKorean or W2Beauty


This mask comes in an adorable small tub of 100 grams. I love the packaging, it’s convenient to get enough product and its lightweight. For about $11, I would say you get a reasonably amount of product and a high-quality product. Amazing!


I’ve heard so much about this product and how it has helped many others with their troublesome acne. I particularly chose this one over the black sugar because of the fragrance and it just stood out to me the most. I can’t with this exfoliator! It’s amazing! Everything about it is so well done. This brand has proven its quality throughout my reviews. As soon as, you apply this exfoliator to the skin, it dissolves so well without being too sticky or causing any damage. The instructions tell us that we need to leave this mask on our faces for about 10-15 minutes. This is when the ingredients will penetrate well into our skin enough to give it that beautiful glow. One important detail is that this exfoliator is one of the gentlest I’ve ever tried. The beads are gentle enough to scrape off your dead skin cells but not scratch your skin to where it’s painful. After the application, you will notice how plumped and soft your skin will feel. I recommend and it’s incredibly important to ONLY exfoliate at most twice a week. Over exfoliating can cause damage to your skin and we don’t want that for you.

 Fragrance, Color, and Texture

I CAN’T! The fragrance of this product is incredible I’m amazed Skin Food made it to smell so natural. The strawberry scent is not an artificial smell but as if you were eating an organic strawberry from your local supermarket. The color of this looks like they crushed sweet strawberries and placed it into this adorable little tub. The texture is like an oil which it is said to be strawberry seed oil and the little seeds are wild berry seeds. The seeds act as natural exfoliants so that it doesn’t damage the skin but still gets rid of our dead skin cells.


I see this product as a 2 in 1 not only does it exfoliate your skin but the strawberry seed oil helps to prevent excess sebum and condition our skin to look soft. It’s honestly one of the best and like I mention this brand has proven its potential to me and I hope it does to all of you too.


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