Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review

Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review


This Wet n’ Wild foundation comes in a glass bottle with a twistable cap. The cap has a small spatula to help take product out of the bottle. I have not had a problem with the spatula design, in fact, it’s been helping me carry out more product. This foundation also comes in about 20 different shades. The price on this foundation is insane! It’s only $5.99 and for that price, I must say you get more than what you expect.


The Wet n’ Wild foundation formula was designed to prevent a white cast when taking photos. It’s a very comfortable formula that applies really well. It’s a liquid formula that provides a matte finish. It makes my skin look smooth and is a medium coverage formula. I sometimes had to go back and apply more to really get everything covered. One thing I did notice was that the product tends to get sticky on my oily T-zone area but It wasn’t such a big deal after I got use to it. I’ve been using it every day for the past month and It’s been performing pretty well.

Fragrance, Color, Texture

I do have to admit that this foundation does not have a flattering smell. It kind of smells like paint, and I don’t know why but after a while I got used to it. It might have been where wet n’ wild had to cut some costs. As for the color, it would basically be your shade but I did have a hard time choosing a shade that would match my skin color because there wasn’t that many shades to choose from. Its consistency is a little thicker than liquid but not like water where its slides off the face.


Thank you, Wet n’ Wild for creating something affordable but effective! I had a good experience with it, however, this may not be the same for everyone. When it comes to foundation it’s hard to satisfy the different types of skin problems. I say to try it and not worry too much, because the most you can possibly lose is $6.

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